A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Escape from Pirate Island is a first person survival game in an open world.

This game is currently in development and I hope to get some early feedback on bugs, ideas. I am a single developer with limited resources so please be patient. The game will take some time to be fully developed and optimized. I am making the game in Unity and hope to offer a Pc, Mac and Linux(ubuntu tested) version. I don't have any funding or financial support at the moment so any contributions (in the future) to help pay for development and assets would be greatly appreciated. If you are a 3d artist and would like to donate a 3d model of an animal that is suitable I will consider including it in the game and list you in the credits.

Thanks, Mafuta Games
Snake Plisken

Blog: https://mafutagames.wordpress.com/blog/

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Published52 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
TagsExploration, First-Person, Open World, Singleplayer, Survival
Average durationAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Download the .zip file for your operating system and extract it to a folder on your hard drive. The game can be played on 64-bit Windows, Mac or Linux.

Requirements: 64-bit OS with 8GB+ Ram. GPU optional.

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EPIV1.11.27b_Win64.zip (832 MB)
EPIV1.11.27b_Mac.app.zip (867 MB)
EPIV1.11.27b_linux64.zip (901 MB)


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  • Fixed 'instant die' bug
  • optimized underwater shadows
  • optimized framerate for amberjack fish schools
  • FPS in Good Mode with 1280 x 720 resolution, now 45-50 FPS
  • FPS in Fastest Mode with 1280 x 720 resolution, now 50-60 FPS
    • Note: If your machine does not have a GPU and at least 8Gb Ram you should lower the resolution as per above for best results.
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V1.11.26d uses Pre-baked collision meshes, which works better for most machines without a GPU and or older hardware when played on the Native Screen in Good/Fast/Fastest Mode.

Example Test Machine: HP Probook 4540s running ubuntu 16.04 LTS with an Intel Core i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHz x 4 with Intel Ivybride Mobile Graphics. When playing in fastest mode on this machine with 1280 x 720 resolution (from Game Setup Config), one can easily achieve up to 60 FPS. Close all other applications when playing the game as well and experiment with best modes for your rig.

Note: Playing on a laptop screen will usually be faster than playing on an externally attached monitor with HDMI cable but it depends on the configuration, so Start with 'Good' Mode on Native Monitor to find what works best for your system.

NOTE: Check back often, as we try to publish at least one update every week.HW Requirements: A 64-bit Windows/Mac/Linux OS with 8GB Ram and optionally a CPU + GPU.

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Version 1.11.26

Dev Notes: V1.11.26 is experimental and uses Linear color space (we are testing & comparing against Gamma). The result is a more somber mood in Level01, with better (more accurate) color blends. Note: We had to drop support for old Windows PC's (mostly prior to 2007) using DX9 API. So you ideally should have a PC that is less than3 years old with a modern GPU (not required but reccommended) capable of DX11 support for best results. Test and let us know any issues you find but please remember this is alpha build so it is suggested to pick the 'GOOD' mode or 'FAST' mode as the game is not being optimized fully yet. PC should have at least 8gb Ram as well.

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Version 1.11.25 adds a flock of Sparrows near Hut close to Pirate bay and fixes a few minor bugs.


Pause Function?

Sorry for the short comment currently playing a game with no pause function

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The Controls are explained in Help option on Menu and you can almost 'pause' with M key while looking at the map you might find. (Game time slows down, while you look at map, but not quite paused). This encourages you to keep playing :-)

The basic controls are WASD keys to walk. Hold down left Shift and W to run forward for example but watch your Stamina bar and body temperature. Use space bar to jump/climb. Use Esc key to hide/show the mouse cursor. (It also locks the cursor to center which is helpful for players with two monitors.) Use mouse to look around. 'C' to toggle compass on/off.

will not seem to open, just stays on the title screen and when i click anything it doesnt do anything, but the music still plays. (linux mint)

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Hi there. Did you see the progress bar? Or load % increase? Remember you need linux 64-bit and 8 gb Ram. I tested on ubuntu and it works fine. Make sure to click on the Level01 button (once) when you see the Ship in the background. The progress bar and % will start counting up after a while, then when it reaches 100% (full progress bar is shown in orange), it will say Done Loading, followed by Activation, which can take 10-30 seconds before the game starts. I tested on my HP Probook 4540s running Ubuntu Linux (64-bit) as well and it works fine. Perhaps you did not click on the Level01 button or linux mint has an issue?

Try version 1.11.23 again please and report back.

Version 1.11.23 fixes a few minor bugs related to eating/drinking and Health and adds the ability to Sleep to regain health and certain places...

I will soon be doing a Youtube video on this game and I hope it turns out to be as cool of a game as it looks. Im not a big youtuber or anything but this game looks really cool and I look forward to playing it. The vid will probably come out in a week or two and here is the link to my channel. (Pls Sub xD)


Thanks very much, that is fantastic! Slow but steady progress will get us there. As a reminder, the secret of how to win is intentionally hidden for now, as we don't want to reveal that too soon. Also only basic optimization at this point. Would love to see what you do disover though!

Cheers, Snake Plisken (Mafuta Games lead developer)

Looking forward to the video..let us know when you have it. Please be sure to use the latest version in FAST/GOOD mode during Alpha.

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Version 1.11.222 features a draft Loading Screen with progress bar to keep the player informed on the game load progress.

Devlog details here: https://mafutagames.wordpress.com/blog/

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Version 1.11.22b features more advanced Player Vitals including Hunger, Thirst, Stamina Bars as well as Body Temperature. All these will affect the player's overall Health depending on what the player does.

Known issues:

  • Bug when eating, grain, pumpkin, cabbages, beet, chicken updates Health but not the hungerSlider - will be fixed in 1.11.22c
  • Player overheats a bit too quickly, so this will be callibrated according to Sprint duration & Stamina

Version 1.11.21 has a TimeofDay cycle to change the ambient light (Sun) dynamically. This is currently set to an actual cycle of 16 minutes real time during which you will notice the environment automatically adjusts dynamic light & shadows for early morning, midday, late afternoon and so on.

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New soft shadows, even underwater!

Devlog here: https://mafutagames.wordpress.com/2017/03/08/escape-from-pirate-island-devlog-v1-11-20/

why don't you make a loader instead of making us wait on menu not being able to see if it is loading or just crashed :P I can't make it work on a patato pc ( linux ) . can you tell us the absolute minimum requirements ?

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Hi, I run ubuntu with 16gb ram, but it runs on 8gb. I dont have a graphics card, but one is recommended. Try fast mode with lower resolution and work up from there. I also tested on a MacBook pro with 16gb and I know some folks tested on Windows with 8-12 gb ram and a Gpu. Loaders will come in the future. Also the game requires a 64-bit operating system.

Bro, I like this this game but to get more people interested just put key features on description :)

Thanks very much. Its a work in progress so features will be changing a lot. Appreciate the early play test and feedback.

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Music\sounds is great!

And orienteering myself, without that cursed compasse...\

Is there must be under hunting in future? Run'n'steal to survive?

Thanks Kastuk. Btw, incase you have not seen, you can toggle the Compass on/off with the C key. Also, you can hide the mouse pointer and lock the 'invisible cursor' to center with the Esc key. (This makes it easier for people with dual monitors, to stay in the game so to speak). Many of the models and animations are temp and will be enhanced over time. Also experimenting with water effects.

V1.11.17 now available.

(Disabled underwater caustics for now, due to bug in game engine)

I like this game

Thanks donamtrung. We are just getting started and will slowly but surely populate the world with wonderful interactions. Along the way we may also experiment with different effects and optimizations, so please check back often and if you want to contribute any feedback, models, ideas that would be very welcome too.

Water effects work great. I would consider something different as far as the sound effects in the game. didn't care much for the sound of a guy puking in my ear just because I ran over a mushroom that did not seem to affect my health at all. The height of your terrain could either be lowered, or smoothed out... and Gaia makes that pretty simple... but that is simply a matter of preference. Also, if your going to use gaia that is 100% ok... but I would look into some terrain assets to add to your world as well. Do something to make it stand apart from every other game being developed that is going to use Gaia as well. It may be a lengthy process.. but hand panting the island with a unique texture should do the trick. Also, add some rocks, boulders, and different buildings. The ones that you used are of poor quality. This game doesn't do much in the way of standing out from any other game on the market. Its going to be a tough sell. Don't be discouraged though. Be innovative. Be creative. Be unique.

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Thanks for your fantastic feedback. Your positive criticism and advice is much appreciated. I am working alone at the moment, but a friend thats into music will help soon. Btw, the red mushrooms does make your health go down a tiny bit, but not instantly. The other mushrooms are good. Yes many and better models and animals and more advanced animations are coming. Just getting started. Keep it coming and thanks for your time. If you want to contribute appropriate replacement models for anything in the game that would be very cool, but otherwise check back soon. I did an upgrade to the unity engine to one of the beta builds version 5.6.0b8 and in broke some of the underwater effects (caustics), so that will be disabled for now, but hopefully back soon when the production version of the Unity game engine version 5.6 comes out.

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V1.11.16 now available. Much better Water and performance. Let us know if you like the 'new' water effects (above & below) the water. Updated screenshots. Players, if you would like to submit your own screenshots/videos, please let us know.

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V1.11.15 Release notes here: https://mafutagames.wordpress.com/blog/

  • Known issues: some fish swims above water - will fix in V1.11.16

Suggest players without graphics cards and at least 12gb Ram, use the Good Graphics mode for now.

V1.11.14 now available with smoother underwater effects. Yes, the game is foggy and yes the effect is slightly blurred intentionally. For players experiencing low frame rates, please try one of the lower graphics modes for now. The game is in early development and has not yet been optimized.

I don't get this game. My vision is very short and everything is foggy and i have a low framerate even though i have a very good gaming pc

Attention test players. We would like you to make a 1 minute or shorter trailer video of you playing the game. The best submission will feature in the credits for the month. Submit your videos to https://mafutagames.wordpress.com/contact/


Snake Plisken, Mafuta Games

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New underwater effects in version 1.11.13 Check it out.

Version 1.11.14 will refine this more and make it look/feel 'softer' (less grainy) under water and fix a surface render bug...coming soon.

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Escape from Pirate Island (V1.11.12) now available.

Release notes here: https://mafutagames.wordpress.com/blog/

lol i jumped on a dragons back hoping it would fly me away, but instantly died

Lol, you never know the surprises this game will offer up. All will be revealed in due course...

Escape from Pirate Island (V1.11.10) now available. Have fun and report back any issues, suggestions. We need lots more animals, so any 3d-artists out there get in touch.

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Escape From Pirate Island (V1.11.9) now available but has a small glitch... On player death the mouse cursor remains hidden. Will be uploading V1.11.10 today to fix this, so hold off until then or don't press Esc key during play in version 1.11.9.

Version 1.11.9 will be available soon and will allow player to toggle mouse pointer on/off as needed and lock the 'invisible' cursor to center. This will help players with two monitors to 'stay focussed' in game view. Escape key will be used to toggle mouse on/off.

hei I just tested this and it looks way better on your screenshots than it did for me?

I chose the highest graphics setting but it looked blurry all the way for me like it was badly upscaled from hd to full hd?

still looks quite interesting. good luck :D

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Thanks for your comment. We are testing the blur camera effect intentionally and will tone it down for the final. The idea is for player to have a feeling of thick fog and camera a bit out of focus. Dont worry, we are just experimenting. All feedback is very valuable so please check back soon. The Blur effect helps to blend the environment and enhances 'foggy' feel. We are going to test various strengths of Blur before settling on the best settings. Players will notice the underwater effect is now less blurry. Some like that some don't, so let us know what you like.

Visit https://mafutagames.wordpress.com/blog/ for latest devlog.

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The game looks pretty good, but there's a few things missing. Now I know this is an early access build so I'm not blaming the developer, but if you want to play a fully polished pirate survival game, this is not your game YET. Although, if the developer adds a backpack and a starting tool, like an axe of some sort, it will do wonders to the game. Nonetheless, the game looks good, love the visual effects and it's playable. Bit buggy but will report these to the developer (if I can contact him somehow). Here's the thing I'd love to see, is some voice acting. It'll improve the feeling to the game so much! I'm willing to help if there's help needed with the voice acting and this project entirely!


One more negative thing. The mouse icon stays visible during the gameplay, and what's most annoying is me having 2 monitors. Is there a way to hide it myself?

Thanks Satyric Abyss. The idea of the game is a little different than one would expect in that the player will (eventually) have various animal interactions, some positive, some negative which will lead to clues/visions on how to escape. We don't kill things in the game (at least not yet). Crafting may be an option but I don't consider dialogue at the moment since the player won't meet other people yet will interact with many characters. Thanks for your offer. You can always contact developer here: https://mafutagames.wordpress.com/contact/

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Thanks for your observation about the mouse pointer. It will not be in final. Also the top down camera has been replaced with a compass in the next version. We are just testing various things for alpha. Final will be much more polished. Check back soon and thanks for your input. All suggestions are appreciated. The compass can be hidden or shown with 'C' in next version (1.11.9)

Mouse Cursor can be hidden or shown by using the Escape key for (Windows/Linux) in version 1.11.9. Not supported on Mac yet but will investigate if there is a workaround. Version 1.11.9 will be uploaded soon.

good luck. game looks good. pictures at least. i haven't played it yet.

Thanks for taking the time to try out this early version. The FPS will improve over time, but the focus is game layout and play development. Feel free to list the FPS you get and your HW specs.

Best, Snake.

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Version 1.11.7 now available. Faster Frame Rate. Removed global directional light. Minor bug fixes.

Hello Gamers, Version 1.11.5 now available. Please test and report back any issues.

looks like a really cool game, your work is fantastic, I can't wait to play the game in the future, developed and updated more

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Thanks Tubbbynater. I am doing it just for fun while learning Unity. The biggest challenge is how to find a balance between frame rate optimization without too much quality loss. Let me know if you get stuck anywhere or see obvious bugs.Would you minding listing your hw specs if you get a chance. Also did you test the Windows/Mac/Linux version?


Snake (Mafuta Games)

New Download Files for Escape From Pirate Island V1.112 now available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Please report any bugs and feel free to join in the fun and make suggestions.

it will not let me download the game:/ I press download but it doesntt

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Please try again. I uploaded a new file.


Id love to try this out but the download wont start for some reason.

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